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Eagle i Affordable CVR EG-5

RM 475.00 RM 599.00

Full HD 1080P: Records high-definition video

6G Glass Advanced Filter: Built-in with 6 layers of precision lenses for sharper images.

170° Wide Angle: Capture wider image

Wide Dynamic Range: Wide Dynamic Range automatically adjusts brightness according to the environment and eliminates over-exposure and under-exposure conditions

Motion Detection: Enables the CVR to record any moving objects in front of the camera automatically.

G-Sensor: Locks the footage when car has sudden course changes or have experienced impact. Locked footage will not be overwritten.

Loop Recording Recording video continuously, seamless video (no gap between files)

Car Plate Number: Enter your car number plate if you would like it to be shown in the footage

Screen Saver: The display will shut off in 3 / 5 / 10 minutes while it’s still recording. Select OFF if you do not want the screen to shut down.

External Memory: Supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card.

Easy Install: Plug & play


Monitor road situations.

Evidence against road bullies.

Evidence against fraud cases.

Ensures your innocence during any misunderstandings.

Eg: Drivers recklessly sways into lanes causing trouble to other drivers.

Captures unexpected incidents.

Eg: Record important conversations which can be used for evidence in the future.

Able to capture footage of any theft or burglary.

Monitor your chauffeur’s activities when you are not around.

Captures beautiful sceneries during your road trips.

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