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Garmin Stand Alone Driving Recorder

RM 1,288.00 RM 2,500.00


GDR33 High Definition Standalone Driving Recorder

Garmin enables you to enjoy safe and easy driving with its next generation Standalone Driving Recorder GDR 33 which integrates GPS, display and gravity sensor into one device. Garmin self-developed PC Tool software provides significant information such as images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed. Data provide the best reference back to accident scene. Garmin offers "point to point" comparison. Click track info to view correspondent image with relative position on map. Garmin provides a more efficient tool to compare data information. Garmin redefines expansion of portable navigation device.

Global Positioning System: GPS function to provide information, such as images recording, map, images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed. Data can be imported to software PC Tool, which will be fully saved in PC.

2.3" Monitor: 2.3" monitor records images clearly and provides real-time playback. Record and playback right away is much more convenient. Snapshot helps return to accident scene to clarify the responsibility for the accident.

Built in Battery: The battery life lasts for one hour. Recorded files will be safely reserved if bumping into shut down.

Gravity Sensor: The gravity sensor will be enabling if detecting vehicle vibration, collision and emergency brake. The system will automatically trigger gravity sensor and manual recording file protection to ensure that the event intact replication.

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