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Health Care Allergy Reliever Massage Laser

RM 160.00 RM 250.00

HailiCare CR-912 Allergy Reliever Low frequency laser rhinitis Therapy Massager Machine White Health Monitor and Relieve


1.         Stylish and compact design, Convenient and flexible operation

2.         Dual channel one is for laser treatment to nasal cavity with two probes and another one is for low-frequency stimulation to nasal outer part

3.         6 intensity setting available

4.         5-10-15min three kinds of time setting

5.         It is a safe and effective way to treat rhinitis, non medicine, no side effect and totally green therapy treatment

6.         Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis

Basic Parameters

1.         Dimensions: 106mm x 20mm x 66mm

2.         Net Weight: 200g

3.         Power Supply: DC 4.5V, 3pcsxAAA batteries(not included)

4.         1 pulse output channel

Electrical properties

1.         The laser light value (650 nano)

2.         Pulse waveform (square-wave current)

3.         Pulse radii degrees (strength)

4.         The load output, the peak of the pulse voltage range of convergence 0V - for: 42V

5.         RMS maximum pulse output : 42V

6.         Maximum output pulse power: more than 7uC

7.         Pulse frequency of 1

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