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Pedada 30 LED Solar Light Infrared Sensor Security Garden

RM 699.00 RM 999.00

Material: ABS

Product Size: 175 * 155 * 45mm

Lamp beads Model: SMD LED

Number of beads: 30 * 0.2W

Battery type and requirements: 1 * 3.2V / 500mAh / lithium iron phosphate battery

Solar Panel Standard: Polycrystalline Solar Panel (11.8x9.3cm)

Appearance colour: black

Light Colour: White

Sensing distance: 5 meters

Switch mode: key + body sensor

Power: 6W

Charging time: 6-8 hours

Life time: 8-12 hours

Waterproof rating: IP44

Operating instructions: PIR infrared sensor, sensing distance: 5 meters; each time delay: 15 seconds; more than 100 times the number of induction, extension of the line length of 5 meters. Daytime is not bright, solar panels only charge the night to open the switch, the human body to go Into the light, people walk about 15 seconds after the automatic lights off

Features: solar panels and lamps can be used integrally, only one base can be fixed on the wall; can also be installed independently, two base fixed, through the extension line link.

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