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Pedada AFR-2000 Pneumatic Filter Regulator Air Treatment Unit Pressure Gauge

RM 220.00 RM 399.00


•AFR2000 air filter regulator is that adjust the main channel of air pressure to a pressure value what the control device required after filtration through decompression.

•No matter the size of the inlet pressure and flow fluctuations, always maintain a stable outlet pressure

•Light weight, small size, easy installation and maintenance

•Can filter small particles, keep the air clean

•If the output pressure is higher than the set pressure, the discharge pressure of the atmosphere to maintain a stable output

•Application: air compressors, pneumatic tools and other gas connection installation, effectively filter the air moisture.


•Model: AFR2000 (AFR is the model, 2000 refers to the port size)

•Material: body (aluminium die-casting products), Yung cup (polycarbonate)

•Fluid: Air

•Port size: G1 / 4

•Filtration precision: 5μm

•Operating pressure range: 0 ~ 1.0MPa (manual drain: 0-9.5kgf / cm2, differential pressure discharge: 1.5-9.5kgf / cm2)

•Temperature: 5 ~ 60 °

•Gauge Caliber: G1 / 8

•Treatment cup capacity: 15CM3

•Length: appox 15c

•Installation and Use :

The direction shown by the arrow on the valve body is installed, which is the direction of the gas flow direction.

Package Included:

•1pcs Filter regulator

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