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Pedada Mini Pump Spray Motor 12V Micro Pump For Water Dispenser

RM 450.00 RM 559.00


•Material: Plastic, metal

•Colour: See the picture

•Pump Size: 90 mm x 40 mm x 35 mm/35.43" x15.75" x 13.78"

•Working voltage: DC12V

•Working current: 0.5-0.7A

•Empty load current: 0.18A

•Max suction: 2m/0.79"

•Outlet diameter: diameter 6 mm, an outer diameter of 9mm

•Traffic: 1.5-2L / Min (approx), the maximum suction: 2meters

•Lift : Vertical up to 3 meters

•Life: up to 2500H, water temperature: up to 55 degrees

•When Voltage 6V : power is 6W / H, 6-12v..5w - 10w



•Household appliances, drinking water equipment, teasets, coffee machine, coke, fruit juice machine,

• milk machine, dishwashers, disinfection machine

•Aquarium equipment, bonsai

•Electronic equipment, medical apparatus and instruments

•Spraying equipment, spray device, electric sprayer

•Water treatment equipment, purification equipment,filter, cooling equipment, cleaning equipment

•Ships, yachts, water desalination, vehicles, bath,toilet, health, environmental protection, etc



Package Included:

•1x pump

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