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Pedada Powerful Ultrasonic Solar-powered Animal Repeller

RM 269.00 RM 350.00

1. Equipped with PIR sensor, light sensor and load speaker, ultrasonic transmission, strong induction ability, thus they are powerful animal tufter and hygienism / quiet guardian.
 2. Solar-powered, energy-saving and durable.
 3. Insert them into the earth in your garden or housing estate to drive animals(such as dogs, cats, rats) away, and keep your place quiet and clean.
 4. The effective repellent distance is 6-8m.
 5. Got the FCC / CE / ROHS certification.


45*11*8.0 cm

330 g
Package Include
Package Contents
1 x Repeller

Package Weight
One Package Weight
0.48kgs / 1.06lb
Qty per Carton

Carton Weight
11.40kgs / 25.13lb
Carton Size
55cm * 50cm * 45cm / 21.65inch * 19.69inch * 17.72inch

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