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Pedada Solar Ceiling Light 8W with Remote Control

RM 450.00 RM 999.00

Solar Ceiling Light LED 8W with Remote Control





Features :


Light : 8W


Solar Panel : 8W 6V


Battery : 3.7V 6600MA


LED : 18 PCS 2835 (Pure White)


Cables : 5M


Waterproof : IP55


Material : ABS/PC


Remote control









Light control which able to use remote control to turn onor turn off the light whenever you want.


Work Time


After charging 4 to 5 hours, light up to more than 10hours.




LED: 50000 hours


Solar Panel: 15-25 years


Product Features


1. Solar rechargeable energy for led lighting, green andenvironmentally and power saving.


2. Automatic intelligent light control, solar chargingduring the day, evening automatic light.


3. Easy install, safe, convenient and practical.




1. Setting up the both sides of feet and towards to thesunshine, then put on the screws.


2. Pressing down the red switch.


3. Fixing the both sides of the ceiling light ears to thewall with screws.


4. Connecting them with cables.



1. Install the solar product in an area where it can getdirect sunshine.


2. Pressing down the red switch.


3. Select an outdoor location away from other lightsource at night such as street light. It may cause the product not to turn onautomatically at night.


4. Duration of light depends on solar product’s level ofsunshine exposure, geographical locations, weather conditions and the hours of daylight.

Product maintenance


1. In order to ensure the normal maintenance work, cleanup the dust on the solar panels every 5 months.


2. If solar product does not light up after it has beenused for around 2 years, replace the rechargeable batteries as they may be weakor worn out.

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