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Pedada Solar Powered Car Kit Intelligence Educational Toy Kid Gif

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Product Description

This amazing solar science gives children the opportunity to build five surprisingly fast vehicles and a recharging station that can transform from station mode to truck mode. Put the recharging station into truck mode to charge the included micro battery from 2 AAA batteries, or keep it in station mode to recharge using the power of the sun. If the sun doesn’t cooperate, it is easy to convert to truck mode, but kids can also use a halogen lamp to put power through the solar panel. Children who love to build will enjoy the snap together assembly of each vehicle, while everybody will be excited to see how fast each vehicle can actually travel.

Construction doesn’t require any paint or glue. Every piece snaps easily together, the molded plastic pieces are already colored, and there is even a sheet of peel and stick decals for finishing each solar powered vehicle. Instructions include steps to make a ramp out of two of the molded plastic pieces and a section of the box, so once the concept car and concept racer are assembled, kids can see how much air they can get off the ramp. The dump truck and bulldozer may not be as flashy on the ramp, but they can have their wheels facing straight forward or pivoted to go in circles. They are also perfect for crashing through roadblocks your kids make. When the Rechargeable Solar Transformers lose their power, they can be quickly recharged to run another 50-60 seconds.


  • Innovative solar science kit that encourages children to exercise their sense of creativity and imagination
  • Snap together plastic parts (no screws, tools required), solar panel and accessories
  • Incredibly easy to assemble the 7 different modules: 2 power charging stations and 5 different vehicles
  • Transforming rechargeable station has 2 output plugs; one for solar recharging and the other for battery recharging
  • Battery charging station can bring the selected unit to full power in about 10 seconds
  • Solar recharging station will fully recharge in approximately 180 seconds
  • Fun time - run time is approximately 50-60 seconds
  • Enjoy five different      vehicles: Solar car, concept car, bulldozer, dump truck and concept racer
  • Age: 10+

What's in the box

  • Plastic assembly parts
  • One solar panel
  • One battery case
  • One micro rechargeable battery
  • One gear
  • One gear with drive shaft
  • One shaft
  • One motor with PC board
  • Two sponges
  • Two black sponges
  • Four wheels
  • Assembly and instruction manual

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