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Posture Correction Waist Shoulder Chest Back Support

RM 375.00 RM 499.00

Method of use:

1. According to the body height, waistlines select the appropriate specifications and models. After the wear, shoulder be able to feel tension and pressure if three stress surface, which is the front of the shoulder region, spine and waist zone. The stress should not be too tight or too loose.

2. The initial use of it, requests from 1-2 hours began to use, to adapt gradually extended wear time. From the time point of view, should not be worn during sleep.

3. when using this product, should be dressed on underwear, the abdomen belt is the navel, adhesive hook hair compaction position, in order to achieve the best Rally

4. Normally wearing 2-4 months can form straight aerobics posture, can stop use before body fully recovered.


    To prevent the distortion of the spine: can effectively prevent the non-pathological hanxiong humpback and curvature of the spine, correction of dynamic, static state of adolescent adverse body to keep a correct sitting, standing, walking, posture.

    Preventing the occurrence of myopia: improve the situation of near distance with the eye which cause by hanxiong humpback, gradually return to rational eye distance, elimine visual fatigue, correct pseudo myopia, myopia formation will be nipped in the bud.

3.  Easing body fatigue: balance stress on the shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, relieve, muscle fatigue, protect the waist, back, so that the body posture and maintaining naturally, presents the best situation. Suitable for people who have low back muscle fatigue, shoulder and back pain which  caused by working with long standing, long time sitting, long time to keep the same posture.

Product Maintenance:

1. When cleaning the product ,the water temperature should not be more than 30°C, and do not use strong detergents of alkalescent

2. Don't put it in the water or placed with water for a long time, so as to avoid material aging

3. Wash or dry naturally, and do not put it in the sun

4. When it t is temporary not used, please put it in clean place and ventilated place, and avoid to be unfavorable excessive fold under pressure

5. In use process you should try to avoid sticky hairs to prevent contact with fabrics fabrics roughcast to avoid affecting the use

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