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smart car alarm passive keyless entry auto lock

RM 980.00 RM 1,889.00


Product Basic Functions:


1.Passive keyless entry

handfree lock or unlock car door without pressing remotelock or unlock button.

when you approach to the car, car door is auto unlockedat 1-3M, when you leave the car at 1-3M, car door is auto locked.


2.Push start stop engine

press the footbrake and press start or stop button toturn on car engine or turn off the car engine

without pressing the footbrake, it is ACC-ON-OFF circlewhen you press start button


3.Remote start stop engine

in arming, hold remote third button more than 3seconds tostart engine, press lock button 1 time to stop engine!


4.Hopping code protection


5.handbrake auto checking


this is for remote start security purpose!


6.side door alarm

in arming, if someone try to open car door illegally, oursystem will make sound alarm


7.central lock automatic


when you press the brake and drive the car, car door isauto locked, and then when you turn off the car engine, car door is autounlocked!

this function can be disabled!


8.remote open trunk


hold the unlock button for more than 2seconds, trunk isauto open!


9.RFID anti-cpllision tech

10.FHSS high security design

11.outside learning button

12.ultrasonic sensor output

13.supporting auto transmission or manual transmissioncar

14.supporting diesel or petrol car

15.support+/- siren or +/- trunk direct connectionwithout adding any relays

16.rfid emergency unlock and drive (you can buy this RFIDloop for emergency purpose!)


if smart key battery is dead or is broken, driver stillcan enter the car and drive!


17.outside learning button or emergency reset button

if remote battery is dead, at this time, alarm istriggered, you can hold the reset button to release alarm.


18.3D smart key remotes

19.3D pke antennas

20.fuel path wire connection or not by dip setting

21.smart anti-hijacking mode

22.shock sensor alarm

23.open door flashing light


product standard composition:


1pc main unit,2pcs smart key remotes,1pc start stopbutton,1pc 6P start cable,1pc main cable,2pcs pke antennas,1pc alarmantenna,1pc alarm led,1pc english manual,1pc colour packing box.


Special Instruction:


1.remote battery is cell button battery, model isCR2032,1pc battery per remote, this is universal model in this world, so wewon't send you remote battery.


2.our product doesn't support electronic steering wheellock.


3.siren is negative output, we won't send you extra caralarm siren!


4.if you don't know how to release steering wheel lock oravoid chip key immobilizer signal, please contact us for more details.



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